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in the land "au"
Register Intellectual Property nº 1997/03/39/53 of 31th  January 1997.


The idea made itself acute on the, for the Idea, solid place Ilii. The Idea recognized itself, was  attracted, caught itself, and guided itself towards the Mother, City of Light, site of ilici. Time spread itself, the ultra womaniness, in  both its facets of destructor and matrix of creation, fullfilment, the bearar of the seed, that causes the mutual exchange of fire and water, action and resistance.

The ideas, a variable, multidimensional biotope, from fast figures, three dimensional, to turned, bended, stretched or however altering their models, to multidimensions, with pits and bumps, inside and outside, expanding at speeds, with all intervals, with infinity.
This is the most authentic reality. Here the largest square does not have any angles , the highest music does not have any tune, the biggest image does not have any form. Everything is represented in it, all opposites, and includes them wheras it gives every thing a development and fulfills everything.

The site in Llauro, France, is composed of three separate geographic situations which form a unity. They are situated within a radius of some kilometers. The transparent, multi-dimensional work of art, integrated  by these three separated units with appropriate installations, is situated in the "Commune de Llauro" and in the "Commune de Vivès" in the French East Pyrenees. 

Sound "au" 
Iron and Uranium 
Seeds and grains 
Dark red and Voilet 
Broom and Thyme. 

The Middle

The central site of these three units, called "the Middle", is also the natural centre of the expanded residential area. 
This central site is situated in the "Commune de Llauro", East Pyrenees, Chemin Communal vers Tordères, "Coll del Puig", section A, Parcel nº 338P, surface 2.565 square meters. The owner of the parcel is "Cité de l'Homme", Société Civile d' Étude et de Recherche". 

On the top part of the "Coll del Puig", a "creative axis" has been realized by the artist, Aguila, as a monumental work of art surrounded by nature. 
The axis, the closer and greater surroundings and the work of the medical science, evolve in differentials of a rhythm of seven. 

The magnetic root of the axis is continuously being surrounded by spring water, fromout the water basin in which the water has first been collected. 
From there the water continues its course towards a lower situated platform, where it feeds the small village, that has been constructed there whith its twelve dwellings, small squares and public installations. It runs down to a lower level where part of it feeds kitchen and dining hall. Still further downwards, it makes the sanitary installations hygienic and it finds its way in the underground towards the kitchen- and herb-garden at the foot of the hill. 


In the middle of the upper platform is situated a round platform (with a six meter diameter), a stone floor surrounded by a rise composed by a stone sitting place, which is interrupted by an entrance of three meter width. 
At the west side of this platform  a tea house is situated , which can be reached from the forum via a small path, winding between the wild schrubs, herbs and cork-oaks. The tea-house is built in wood, and a flexible awning construction, which is used as a wall and roof shelter when it is unfold. 
Several wooden terraces, constructed on different levels, surround the tea-house. The path which leads to the next, lower situated platforms, winds as a noose downwards. The walker who follows this path  becomes quiet and experiences a stimulation of breath. 
So we get to the platform where twelve dwellings are situated around a central square and where you have a panoramic sight on the wide environment. 
The houses are built by means of ingenious, very simple wooden combinations. Some houses are worked out in each other, others stand separate, but all are vaulted by a mayor awning construction that stands almost loose from the houses and which forms the walls and the roofs of the houses. 
The kitchen and the dining hall are situated on the level beneath the small village and are composed by an oval, closed central column, containing all public installations. 
The kitchen is situated in the middle of a round, tiled floor, which serves as an open dining space. All around, at the perimeter of it, there is a two meter high wall in a centripetal configuration, that stands protecting around the guests, who can take place at the wooden tables. 
The covering awning construction has the same function as the one of the village on the superior platform. When the weather is bad, this awning construction is wrapping itself automatically around the houses. When the  weather is warm and clear, the walls and roofs automatically wihdraw from the houses and bring coolness.
The bathrooms and toilets are situated at a lower level under the immense sloping awning construction and are made of smooth marble. The water spouts up out of small fountains, which can be handled individually. A constantly activated water hygiene is foreseen for the "french" toilets. All public supplies are near.

Going down towards the lowest platform, one can find the kitchen-garden and herb-garden. There you can go further to the Chemin Communal de Tordères, where, deeper in the ravine, there is a spring and a brook. 

The Prana hill

On a kilometer distance of this monumental work of art, called "The Middle", towards the south, is situated the "Prana Hill". 
It is built by means of wooden constructions, with small sheds, according to the necessity. 
This "Prana Hill" is situated in a small rolling valley with a little brook. The constructions, composed of large platforms on different levels, is used for the practice of self healing and all public installations are incorporated for this purpose, such as treatment rooms, relax platforms, bathes, kitchens, etc. 
Going down on the way to Vivès, before getting to this village, you can find, on the territory of Vivès, the "Mas Ilici". It  has be designed by AGUILA and built for the purpose of encounters of practisers of soft healing and other alternative medical care. 

The Encounter Centre "Mas Ilici"

This whole construction, built of materials of the region, lies in the centre of the very geobiological residence zone. 
The building is used for temporary encounters (maximum a few days) in a most relaxed way, for organizational and practical purposes of these practisers of soft medecine. 

Practical use of the site of LLAURO

Besides an extended residential area, the largest and most specific residential area of the seven sites, this site has the own-ness of human energy. This results in a mental and corporal well-being and is expressed by the practice of preventive healthcare in the larger area of the creative axe. 

The creative axis

This axis makes an interaction between the electric top of the teluric axis, which receives the cosmic octave, - fleeing vibrations on the physical fronteer of existing and non  existing, conducted by hydrogenes as passive force towards the active force. 
The axis has an inclination of 26º and the magnetized root of the axis is fixed in the earth at about 80 cm depth. 
By this creative axis, that acts spiralising as expansion but also as contraction of the two forces, these split up and get in the middle, through which a charge of particles is passing in each direction. 
In the Middle, horizontal wooden platforms are constructed on various levels (40 and 60 cm high). 
When sitting-down in the Middle in a tailor's posture, with a straight back, quiet, and in a subtil state of mind, and when the body liquids are in good condition, one can load those forces of heaven and earth, and the direction and quality of the cells is being increased.