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the environment of the site Las Colinas


I am the Son, my name is LOGOS, in unity and multiplicity.This is my nature, my identity. I am the son of spirit, of him who is the center. My mother, the receptive.
I have been given concrete form in these vibrations, and I am real,  not  only by the grace of the spectator,   but  in this space and in this matter, that are a field of interaction of an ever changing relation and of mutual influences between vibrations of colour, matter and sound, ideas and all the here at this moment  present vibrations.
From  this dynamic play arise the encounters to whic I invite you in a cycle of the real and the real ideas,  encounters of the changeable and interactive opposites that reckognize themselves as equals. Sure, I invite you because I think that you, men and women, are so and that you act according to your own nature and by Zeus, although  be it not according to the laws that were invented.
So I speak, the Son.

It concerns an artistic creation that manifests itself as a total concept and that is composed of the nedessary constructions. The work of art extends itself over the totality of the surface on approx. 67 ares.
At the limit of the  terrain, in the east, there is a column of 5 meters height. On one of the side there is a sculpture, a figure that appears to come  towards us. On the other sides there are inscriptions in various languages, telling us about the aims of the "Universidad Libre Las Colinas".
At the food of the colums, a bit further to the west, one of the two snakes, symbols of wisdom and duality, begins his zigzagging way of seperation and union, uplifting slowly from the ground, first to the east, and then turning slowly to the south, and forming a very large curve.

While the second snake, which has the same symbolical value, begins its way, also zigzagging, over the ground, close to the garden of the guest house (little village), first in east direction,  elevating slowly until a bit higher than the height of a human being, and then descending towards the east, until both the heads of the snakes meat at a short  distance, close to the enrolled snake of life at a height of about 45 cm. 
There ,enclosed by this duality, and in the meantime open in verticalism, there is a round paltform of marble at the same height as the union of life, and on which the ideas arise and are distributed.

Around the platform, beneath, there where the students, in the fresh shadow of the oleanders that have been planted there at a regular distance one to another, listen to the ideas and participate in the ideas being heard, there is an inscription that says: " With the greatest right, time is being distinguished from Eternity" (seven oleanders, symbols of alteration)

Within and outside this circle of symbolic seperation there is a  dynamic interaction of life, nature, and children of nature, by means of a wild flora. In and outside it, although very dry, there is plenty of dynamic life, circled by the ring of gold, just like a diamant with a lot of facets, and lying on a bed of green: the small village (guest houses)

There are inscriptions and frescos outside and on the walls of the buildings, that refer to the history, the quality and the aims of the "Universidad Libre Las Colinas". On the outside wall at the east of the small village composed of  seven pavillions, there is a semi-elevated sculpture of a young man, that represents Logos.

Ths village, with its quite square, surrounded by green, irradiates a  great relax with its colours and flowers. The whole work of art is based on the geobiological studies of Águila, who englobed the quality and caracter of the "Universidad Libre Las Colinas" in it.
The vibrating and dynamising integrated part of the work of art thus is the proper university. The manifest of the free and creating spirit. The creation is like a big ring of gold on the finger, showing a lot of facets just like saphirs (the village)



This is the ownness of the whole work of art. 
The Universidad as Ilici-Monument in the three-dimensionality and as Ilii-monument in the four-dimensionality, spacial on the western plane of the pyramid, reaches the multi-dimensionality in the location of LOGOS, the ownness of the Universidad, by means of sound as a vehicle. 
The multi-dimensionality results in a power central that gives out unnumerable vibrations per second in a radius of the same speed. 
That is why only the idea can travel on this length of wave. 
That is why this is the most essential and most universal university.

Fromout the idea:

- monument Ilici: research and formulation by means of encounters of the opposites and the reckognising-each-other-as-equals in dialogue. 
- monument Ilii: expresses itself in all levels of scientific knowledge that orders all the existing, other superior principles. 
- The Idea, which is male, in its nature, comes from the Universidad. 
The idea cannot become multidimensional by itself. Through the action of the Universidad on the ownness and the action of EROS on the ownness, the oneness becomes LOGOS, by which motion arises. 

The LOGOS comes foreward, up to the top of the third pyramid, by which it can express. 
The idea is not latent. It considers everything in its entirety and from the idea start creation. 
First the bi-dimensionality is being transformed into three-dimensionality. Therefor it concentrates on some of the points (sites) of the axe, i.e. Ksar-El-Kebir, Crete, ... 

The multi-dimensionality

By turning the angle of the particles of a determined point, all points are being turned. 
Nevertheless the turning point of the whole line, the ownness, stays fast. 
As soon as the angle alters, the whole agregate alters and multi-dimensionality is reached. 
The Universidad on the place of the ownness and part of it, has been proved to be a fast tool since the beginning. It is situated in the natural centre. 
The ownness of Ilii-Ilici is now situated on the differente sites  in the "little heaps". This creation, averse to symbols and structures, is the creation of and by Free Will, of each individual, as a unique action, or as repeated actions on the same place, or of different individuals in a concerted action. 

The ownness of this specific place is being emphasised by mixing the earth grains of the place with pulverised substances of the place. 
These pulverised substances are different and specific for each place. 
In the natural centre (ownness) the ownness-stone is placed. 
This centre stays unvariable, the identity however varies depending on the hand making little heaps as a unique action or in repeated actions idividually or in a concerted action. This identity is situated each time in the metapoint. The centre of gravity characterises itself in the middle under the basis. Fromout this root starts an energy which spiralises in the rest of the ownness, the power that forms itself (forming force) and that expresses its identity in the natural order of laws.