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 Visado 12th September 1997. Register nº 1995/30/36/869  20thOctober 1995.



The erected east-side of the large pyramid is being extended untill the third pyramid is formed. Ilicitis is situated on the same spatial place as the Universidad and Politeia. There is situated also the third and fourth dimension of Ilicitis, equally composed of Ilici and Ilii. 
Ilicitis in its multi-dimensionality, is situated on the diameter of the east plane of the third pyramid and at the same time in the middle of the great pyramid. This is the Mother.
From the mother, we go further to the perpendicular of the large pyramid untill we reach the point that lies on the same height a the Universidad. 
This point is EROS. 
Eros unites with LOGOS.
This is the ownness.

Fromout City of Light  Ilicitis, the primitive womanliness, in both its facets of destructor and matrix of creation, the bearer of the seed that causes the mutual interchange of fire and water, action and resistance.

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