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"The Creation of the Free Will" reaches until the domain of  such a high power of comprehension, that it doesn´t matter any more if the dates are "true " or "not true", This Idea, which is a whole of knowledge, can have a good hope that it is understood by beings, whereever in the cosmos, and independently of how different be their senses.

This Idea remains in the  power of comprehension of our consciousness, and it has as much to do, as a matter of fact, with the above mentionned, as with philosophy, mathematics, economy, military as well as economical strategy, composition in all the arts, medical science, communication, nuclear physics, ballet, sports and many other.

Due to the versatility of this Idea, due to its estethic facet and its complete carelessness as to the  practical applications, anyone that has got well acquainted with it, can love it, with the same warmth and passion as any lover for his hobby.