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Conscious of the fact that even though a truly new idea may already be completely developped, it may not be commonly accepted because it is difficult to understand or because the power of the established ideas is guided by different signs and signals.
After having investigated the identity and the inherent possibilities of this site one may conclude that many elements indicate that this place could be an ideal location where the newest investigations and models of integration can be tested in calm and receptive tranquility. 
(Former student of the Agora)

There may be a ressemblance between LAS COLINAS and the site in question in Crete.The results of the seminar* are intresting for the planning of a possible Cretan garden city. 

*a seminar project of the UNE-spain 1981,the encounters in the hills.

former guest lecturor   the encounters in the hills( u.n.e) Universidad Libre Las Colinas

Encounters in the hills

International creative Encounters 

organisation :  c.i.c  International non-profit Association

Supported  by the French and Dutch Ambassy and the Ministry of the Flemish Community