A monumental installation


"The Creation of the Free Will" is based on the knowlegde of the Ideas. The ideas are based on originality: they got the only and  actual  reality and are imperishable. The reality of the senses is not being degraded by this, on the contrary, the ideas create the worlds of the dimensions. These worlds are  the appearance forms of the Ideas. 
In the emptiness the forms do  not only appear next to each other, but also after each other and thus the three dimensionality matter is being well-founded. The force that expresses these principles in these dimensions and that shapes  them, arises from the duality of matter and from the interaction, formed by the third power.
Through  the passion of those people, through  their thinking, will and desire, because the worlds of these dimensions are accessible for thought and for the analytical approach, that is based on their three-dimensional nature.

Thus  arises  upon the originality The Creation of the Free Will" ,  avoiding the intervals,  in complete reality and imperishability, extending itself, mutating in its changeability, multidimension in  infinity. It forms part of it in its sovereign reality in universe, the appearance of the sea town. And who wants it, can see it, and seeing it, guide himself towards it, and erect it in its three-dimensionality, and apart from this, he will, in any case,  defend the cause of this town.

The idea, that knows the beginning and the fulfillment, focalised itself along the cosmic axe on the reliable place. It reckognised itself, caught itself and thus creates the beginning of "The Creation of the Free Will"


The picked up earth flows slowly between the palm of the hand and the fingers, as fine granules, in an absolute gesture, in one slow motion, on one and the same spot. From out this action arises the idea, which gives form and figure to the formless matter and which is becoming the cause of this manifestation. In spite of the temporary structures, which are formed around the created ownness, the Idea always returns to its origin. If we want to experience this work of art, we have to know that the notions and concepts of the reliable three-dimensional world of the senses is now being crossed. We are making our way to the fronteer - and cross it - of the sensorial world of symbols and structures.

This work of art is continuously altering, and its manifestation is continuously altering, so that the degrees of the angles with respect to our power of perception continuously differ. Which of these perceptions, we wonder, is the right one? Which of these images gives us the exact reality? Is is chaos?. The only thing that  gives us certainty is the returning line. When we ascertain this as a fact out of this variability, we remark that this line is not static, but that it moves around a steady point. This is the own-ness of the incident of this work of art with respect to the observer. When we want to examine/ experience this own-ness, we get an experience of a different  time and space as a relative notion. These relative notions and concepts have to be abandoned. We are getting included in the Idea and we experience the transparency of the different own-nesses which compose the work of art. 

This work is a beating process of poetry and science, a creation of rhythm and movement in a continuous alteration, in its parts (the "SITES") which form at the same time a whole (the sum of all the sites), - one in its totality-, and which have at the same time a function on their own as seperate works of art. This is a total, transparent, monumental work of art in the multi-dimensionality which is, was, and is becoming alive, thus determined by the author. In the separate identities (sites), all the proper things blossom abundantly, namable, always returning to their origin and forming part of this monumental work of art: 

1. THE MIDDLE, the Father - site, situated in Llauro on the Coll del Puig, P.O.,  France. 

2. ILICITIS, The Mother - site, situated in the Campo d' Elx, Province of Alicante, Spain.  -

3. LAS COLINAS, The Son - site, situated in Sucina, El Alto de Los Maganes, s/n, Province 

4. GRACIOSA, - site, situated in San Lucar, Province of Huelva, Spain. 

5. CRETE, That which  "refers". This  site is situated in Crete.

6. CORSE,  the Creative.

7. KSAR EL KEBIR, The geographic Forming Power, situated in  Morocco. 

A multi-dimensional concept of harmony.
This multi-dimensional concept of harmony generates a continuous energy current of great diversity in frecuency and transparency, in a rhythm of creation and destruction and creation ... 
In this continuous movement: - the reluctancy for the emptiness, the strength between the division of matter, the apparent arbitrariness or chaos - the processes of emptiness and matter pass away according to a determined, created patron of rhythm and movement and endless alteration. It is a transparent concept of harmony, discharging and recognizing in the multi-dimensionality. 

In the past, in various  civilizations, buildings and towns were often placed on well determined spots. It appears for instance, that temples, cathedrals and pelgrim places were situated on power lines or power crosslines. These "points"  are mostly characterized by an extraordinary topographical  and landscape beauty. 
Around the Mediterranean Sea, the author of this work of art, Aguila, recognized and created six (seven) of those places: Llauro in France, Campo d'Elx, Sucina and San Lucar, all three in Spain, Ksar-El-Kebir in Morocco, Crete and Corsika. 

Situation ILICI and ILII:
Ilici and Ilii, two monumental works of art of a different order in one: the "Universidad Libre  Las Colinas". The Universidad Libre  Las Colinas as a monument consists of two monuments, the one of Ilici, which manifests itself  in the monumental work LOGOS, and the one of Ilii, which manifests itself  in the intuitive intelligence. Together they form the "Universidad Libre de Las Colinas". 

Spacial reproduction:

The Universidad is situated on the western plane of the second pyramid, exactly in the middle of the diameter from the basis to the top. From this point (Universidad), a straight line starts on the diameter of the second pyramid (the line starting from the top to the middle of the basis plane) touching in the spot of the ownness. While in the first monument (Ilici) we can talk about a three-dimensionality, and in the second monument (Ilii) about a four-dimensionality, we get a multi-dimensionality in the spot of the ownness U.N.E.(Universidad Libre de Las Colinas). 
The multi-dimensionality results in a power centre for the dispersion of innumerable vibrations per second, in a radius of the same speed. That is why on this wave length only the Idea can travel. That is why the U.N.E. (Universidad Libre de Las Colinas) is the most essential and most universal University. 

The ownness of Ilici - Ilii is concentrated now in the different sites in the "heaps". 
Thus far the Idea. From there all sites start to work. Ilii becomes Politeia, a union of people around the "heaps", which is expressed in the different residence areas, i.e.: Llauro: a very large area, called Great Llauro; Corse: a very small area; San Lucar: area called "Graciosa"; Crete: area which refers; Ksar-El-Kebir: which refers to verticalism.  

Spacial reproduction:

When we consider the datum, not in a two-dimensionality, but in a three-, four-, and multi-dimensionality, the Mother and San Lucar will be found on the east side of the pyramid. 
The Creative axis, placed in Llauro, has an inclination of 26º, from the top of the big pyramid (the Father) with respect to the north-south axis of the earth, almost parallel with the magnetic axis of the earth (with slight deviation). 

The energy from the Father to Llauro results in geographic Forming Power. The forming power runs across, down to Ksar-El-Kebir and Crete on the basis  line of the triangle, where it spreads. The work of art can best be experienced in the Father and the Son. The lines, triangles and pyramids result from a whole and form part of it, according to the dimensions, in which we try to express the work. 

Letting flow the fine earth granules slowly through the hand palm and the fingers, on a determined spot, is a human gesture fromout the intuitive intelligence. 
This creation, free of symbols and structures, is a creation of Free Will, of each individual, unique gesture, of repeated gestures on the same spot, or of several individuals in one collective gesture. The ownness of the earth granules of the specific spot is being emphasized by mixing these earth granules with pulverized substances of the area itself, which are different in each area. Whereas in the natural centre the stone of the ownness is placed, the centre remains unaltered but the Identity differs depending on the fact if the "heaps" are placed in a unique gesture of the hand  repeatedly, individually or collectively. The identity is situated each time in the meta-point. The centre of gravity gets concrete form in the middle beneath the base. From the root starts an energy which spiralizes in the rest of the ownness. It is the power which forms itself (Forming Power) and which expresses its identity in the regularity.
In spite of the temporary structures, which are formed around the identity, it always returns to its origin. Even when one or more sites are not (yet) "opened", they are involved in the whole, because their ownness is very specific and powerfull and known by the author, who has taken them into account in his design of harmony. 

It goes without saying, that the here represented pyramid is only a symbolic representation of reality, which geographically spreads over parts of Europe and Africa. The top of the great pyramid and the perpendicular, dropped from there , is situated on the  10th degree of longitude at 1.559 Km height. 
The basis lies on the 35th latitude, and the own-ness is situated in the 3rd pyramid at 310 Km height.  

"Corse" lies at 729 Km height in the great pyramid. They are all in the ionosphere. The own-ness lies in a well determined dimension and is the full expression of the work  of art, that is created by the moving Logos in the diamond which creates the 3rd pyramid. 
The Son, the Idea, the Free Will, lies in the upper pyramid of the diamond and creates the Creation of Free Will in pyramids of innumerable dimensions. The spirit, the creating, is situated in a determined dimension . The dimension of the Son is situated  in the diamond above the great pyramid. 
The Father is situated in the upper pyramid of this diamond. By this will-less will, that creates innumerable dimensions, he creates the middle, he awakens the mother by the vibrations with their innumerable antennas, outside of the dimensions and being present in all the dimensions, not subject to anything, fleeing from the magnetic into the electric itself, on the frontier of existence and non-existence