Estanquet,Crta Elche-Dolores, Km 6,3, 03296 Elche - Alicante - Spain
Founded Madrid 23/2/1979
Nº 786 Alicante, Nº 28.385 Nacional
Cif G03068707

The beginning of the construction of this web-site in 1998 has been possible thanks to the unselfish work of the members of the managing board of the non-profit Association "Ciudad del Hombre". Great help has been received from Mrs. Jacinta Aleman, Manageress of the Youth Departement of  San Javier, Murcia, Spain. 

The Association "Ciudad del Hombre" is conscious of its mission, as defined in its statutes: "increasing the quality of life for the benefit of all" and  describes its field of action as "Universidad Libre  Las Colinas", being  the equilibrium of "The Creation of Free Will". 

"Universidad Libre Las Colinas" was founded in 1978 under the name  " Universidad de la Nueva Era" (U.N.E.) ,  created by and within the International Vodder Institute,  Brussels,  (I.V.I.) as one of various   local structures, among which also  the non-profit associations "Stad van de Mens" in Belgium, and "Cité de l' Homme"  in France,and" ciudad del hombre" in  spain. In all theses constructions  the manageress of the Vodder Institute, Virginia Cool-Smeets, had a chair as a delegate manager, and  her mandataries formed the leading boards. 

Universidad Libre Las Colinas has got, as from the beginning, at the end of the seventies, two departments, at the one side  "The Encounters in the Hills", an international platform and meeting place for guest lecturers from other universities, and at the other side "Agora", the  master classes of Aguila based upon his Know-How, "The Dynamic Stability".

In 1993, the leading board of  "Ciudad del Hombre" was replaced by a new leading board, independent from the I.V.I., and the outlines were made by the board of lecturers together with  the leading board, conserving mainly the initial statutes.

"The Creation of Free Will" consists of several  seperate geobiological sites,  six + one  identities,  of which the equilibrium is  "Universidad Libre Las Colinas"

 "Universidad Libre Las Colinas", in its first  phase, from 1978 until 1998, was situated at the geobiological site  Las Colinas, Sucina, Murcia. In its second phase,  from 1998 until at present,  the University began working  almost exclusively on the Internet and the Encounters in the Hills were transferred to University  Lasoberana, in the Western sahara.