"The Idea arises from the wholeness, wreathed by love. It is the essence and
has all the proporties to which all thinkable laws obey"



Western Sahara
To your attention.
Our point of view for justice is a practical, sustainable and serious proposal for the Western Sahara, in which any  concerned parties will reckognize themselves with pleasure, whatever be their  positions and the points of view in this case and at this moment. Our proposal may  appear superficial at first inspection, but it is, onvthe contrary,  a very serious  one, in which  the depth of the simpleness testifies for political adultness Independantly of our present interests, University Lasoberana has been able to conceive it in what we consider, complete objectivity and it is clear that after the necessary analysis, it has to be far more completed
I know that this way of thinking  can make some people confused but it may be clarificating to listen to an  at first sight unusual point of view and we hope that you will study it thoroughly and will possibly support it. For a fast, peascefull solution for all interested parties directly involved in this area and the conscious world.

This proposal for the Western Sahara comes fromout the University Lasoberana, it was planned by the local govenment. At this moment the University has an exclusively administrative form and a cultural function. under the direction of the Spanish foundation Ciudad del Hombre.

Ciudad del hombre a.s.l.f.,
acting for the university of lasoberana



We propose to proclaim Western Sahara a nature park and Patrimony of Humanity based upon its statute of Terra Nullius. The nature Park managed  by Greenpeace

We  propose to  determine three different entities within the full territory of Western Sahara : 
1 -  An area destinated for the free market, to be exploited under licence by international firms, managed by Marocco and according to the present and future needs of the people of Smara.
2 -  Fully independant territory of Smara,  populated by the Saharaouis, now in the refugee camps of Tinduf, which expands according to the needs of
the population expansion.
3 -  Lasoberana, the local government of Graciosa. In the territory of Lasoberana, free town and completely independant, no expansion is foreseen.

The  coast area will be used for fishery  under managment of   Greenpeace  in cooperation with fishery entities.

The three areas surrounded by Patrimony of Humanity

1 - small red circle - free market
2 - large red circle - Smara
3 - small blue circle - Lasoberana


1 - Usefull area for the free market

3 - Local governement of Graciosa
Territory of Lasoberana

2 - Initial territory of Smara, to be extended according to the population


Of course we are not wondered at receiving reactions from open minds, who would cooperate to give realistic solutions. We wellcome and will study any of these  ideas. We certainly also will get reactions from people with secrete agendas under the flag of humanity, from unrealistic, agressive conservatives, or idealists with high ideals, who don´t have any idea about the existing interests and forces, which they cocreated.