The sea town       

Already now the local government invites you and  wishes you welcome as a physical inhabitant of this place, your home, situated in the most Western emptiness near the Atlantic ocean, in your sea-town Lasoberana to make the idea concrete in view to to the ecological development of the total plan for the center of fundemental research and communication, her touristic port and the urbanisation of the habitat of the inhabitants.

Plans for extension of a  tourist harbour, consisting of a complete infrastructure of the tourist complex conisting of  hotels, a concert hall, an exhibition hall and a pleasure yacht port, golf en water games, heli-port etc.. situated at and in front of the coast in the Atlantic ocean.. We count on private financing  of the execution of this concept..
We give preference to a concept based on long term agreements and long term participations as we aim for exploitation forms on the basis of methods of concession with partners that on  the one side take the construction risks and on the other side take the development risks.


For independant researchers in a dynamic interaction  with
the institutes and the universities

Completely autonomous institute of knowledge  for free research, situated in the freeport, directed, without intervention of the local government, by the minister of culture
of Marocco, the ministry of culture of the Saharaouis, the Unesco, eventually
a few non governmental organisations. There is participation of the cooperating
researchers  and University Lasoberana as a consultant.

The diverse research programmes are being taken charge of by the freeport.




Centre of  fundamental research and communication 
University Lasoberana,   founded on August 15,  1994
For the quality of life for all of us

Acting, in all its manifestations, according to its statutes, under the name "University Lasoberana", its activities being basic research, applied research and education on an  innovative scientific and technological level fromout the field of the intuitive intelligence, in co-operation  with other universites, wich operate in the field of the analytical approach creating tranparencies of technalogical,and other innovations in continnous relation with small and medium industries..
The university aims to be as self sufficient  as possible in an ecological system.

The museum of the University :in connection with the international art life, the contemporary art tendencies, museum Lasoberano,  wishes to exchange contacts wih contemporary art events and museums worldwide.
A permanent communication idea, that will radiate and receive its  creative power a centralized art studio most direct communication.the heart of the centre being the physical centre itself.

The urbanisation and the habitat around the urbanisation has a surface of max 12 x 20 km.

terra nullius, to avoid tensions and obscurities.