Wealth resulting from the  reward of the creative and the inventive of Intuitive Intelligence (the University)

Wealth obtained from the management of the harbour.

Wealth obtained by sovereignty and in community, through the proper daily efforts of  body and mind (the supply of the own basic food and the socialorganisation of the water economy)

Wealth resulting from maintenance.

The basic economy relies on the proper and basic life requirements of each "cell" (family). Each "cell" can consist of as much or as few individuals who can exist on the maximum  protein yield according to well determined plans on a 100 /100 meter surface.
The economy is based on the University of Lasobrana.
In this University, fundamental and applied research is done, which is properly patented. Licences or joint ventures can be conceded to small and medium sized industries, established in the frontier areas. The investment and management of these industries are made by foreigners and pointed at the foreign market. The inventivity of the inhabitants and students is strongly encouraged by taking part in the open university.
Thus the State  is economically supported by its researchers, by the creativity and the inventivity of its inhabitants and through the good offices of the remaining inhabitants.

The harbour, under exploitation of private companies, situated at the harbour, especially where tourism is concerned stands for income for the community