In and round the idea:  The variable multidimensional, biological biotope, the art work called  "The Creation of the Free Will"

The Association "Ciudad del Hombre" presents a neutral and universal platform, called "Universidad Libre de Las Colinas" in view of the stimulation of the transfer of knowledge and the improvement of the quality of life. The Association "Ciudad del Hombre" is in charge of the secretariat of publication, the administration, juridical questions, the maintenance and the management of the necessary infrastructure in order to realise its aims. 

"Ciudad del Hombre" was founded in 1978 in Madrid by the International Vodder Institute Brussels of Cool-Smeets and registered under nº 796 Alicante and  nº 4490 Murcia; established in Elche, Alicante and Sucina, Murcia, Spain. E - mail:

The UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE  LAS COLINAS was established as the UNIVERSIDAD DE LA NUEVA ERA within  "Ciudad del Hombre" and is based on the philosophical and innovating ideas of Aguila, called "The   Creation of Free Will".  The Universidad  was officially opened by the mayor and deputy majors of the City of Elx, in Semana Santa  1979. 



Center of Fundamental Research

Resolution of Constitution  September 4, 1997 


The universty has the ownness of Universidad Las Colinas and is the educative result and continuation of it.

Acting, in all its manifestations, according to its statutes, under the name "University  lasoberana" its activities being basic research, applied research and education on an innovating scientific and technological level, fromout the field of the intuitive intelligence, in co-operation with other universities, which operate in the field of the analytical approach, creating transparencies of technology  and other innovations in continuous relation  with small and medium industries:

Association "Ciudad del Hombre", domiciliated in Sucina, Murcia, El Alto de Los Maganes s/n, nº 603068705,  conscious of its mission, as defined in its statutes: the quality of life for the benefit of all of us, acting  for the "University Lasoberana ", according to  the Acta de Protocolarización Dos Mil Novecientos Cinco ante Notario Pilar Chofre Oroz, Notario del Ilustre Colegio de Valencia. 

University Lasoberana.



In connection with the international art life and  the contemporary art tendencies, museum lasoberana wishes to exchange contacts with contemporary art  worldwide.

It concerns a permanent communication idea that wll radiate and receive a creative power, a centralized art studio and museum, because art  enables the broadest and most direct human communication, the heart of the centre being the physical centre itself, where the investigating artist can stay for
a langer of shorter time, and which is meant to be an alwaysboundary-shifting place of exchange and encounters of vision and creative powers.

To co-operate with associations and companies, whatever be their nature,
to make agreements with international organisations, to make financial and artistic agreements for cultural or commercial events, to co-operate worldwide on the basis of peacefull co-existence, to make agreements with states and countries.


art communication
creation of the free will
 ciudad del Hombre a.s.l.f. acting for
museum  lasoberana

Works donated by:
Andrew Ortiz(mx), Ann ter-Pogossian(usa), Ben Rothman(il), Daniel Correa Rojo(mx), Donna L.Clovis(usa), Laura Resendiz(mx), Maro Bitt-Monteiro(br), Myra goncalvez(br),
Phillipe Leroy(fr), Ricardo Espinosa(ma), Ruben Ochoa(mx),Thomas Vorce(usa), Aguila(bel)
School of ilicitis(sp)