The Association "Ciudad del Hombre" presents a neutral and universal platform, called "Universidad Libre de Las Colinas" in view of the stimulation of the transfer of knowledge and the improvement of the quality of life. The Association "Ciudad del Hombre" is in charge of the secretariat of publication, the administration, juridical questions, the maintenance and the management of the necessary infrastructure in order to realise its aims. The "Universidad Libre Las Colinas" is neutral in its essence and moves in and around the Idea:  the variable multidimensional, biological biotope, called The Creation of the Free Will" 

"Ciudad del Hombre" was founded in 1978 in Madrid by the International Vodder Institute Brussels of Cool-Smeets and registered under nº 796 Alicante and  nº 4490 Murcia; established in Elche, Alicante and Sucina, Murcia, Spain. 

The UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE DE LAS COLINAS was established as the UNIVERSIDAD DE LA NUEVA ERA within  "Ciudad del Hombre" and is based on the innovaating artistic, philosophical and scientific  ideas of Aguila, called "The Creation of Free Will".  The University  was officially opened by the mayor and deputy majors of the City of Elx, in Semana Santa 1979. 

the equilibrium
universidad libre las colinas
Visado 7 November 1994. Register of Intellectual Property: 1995/30/36/862 of 17 October 1995.


Charactersitic for its expression is the difference with the commonly known  universitarian activity. This means that  examinations and  structuration in disciplines do not have priority        but on the contrary self choosen  targets and interdisciplinarity. The fact that one has to remain within the limits of a given culture, makes place for an inter-, trans- and multi-cultural environment. There are no permanent  professors or students, but always new constellations, in which partially there may be no limits, and in which the roles may be interchanged. 
The investigation and the education can be developped at one side in the Encounters, and at the other side in the Agora.

During the preceeding years, guest lecturors came from the whole world to interchange ideas fromout their different disciplines during seminars with or without theme, with or without students, or to give conferences about actual of future world themes. The most caracteristic of these activities, which are orientated towards  the investigation or towards the education, is the fact that they were developped in an almost unstructured way. Given our generally over- structured society, especially where the institutions are concerned, the advantages of this environment have far more weight than the disadvantages. Everything that in the established universities is unusual, although not at the least disered, is not only possible here, but even wellcome. This refers especially to the spontanuous interaction.
Although the whole activity is far more a serious of models and most interesting  scenes than a continuous industry, the  facilities offered in every context are always perfect: the translations are always made with utmost caution and the seminars are recorded and reported.


In the world of the Ideas arises the order of variety. Thus arises nature, the beauty of the landscape and its order. Thus we can reckognize  life that manifests itself in the form of energy at places where a strong and  marked identity and ownness have been formed in time and space. It  concers the same energy that mingles  with every living being and that extends itself in the endless layers of the cosmos.
In the past  in various civilizations, towns and important buildings were often built on very specific places. It apperars, for instance, that temples, cathedrals and pelgrimage places were implanted in these places that show a marked identy, ownness and topographical  landscape beauty. By designing the artistic environmental art design, called by the same same "Universidad Libre Las Colinas", the application of the cosmic energy was based on the knowledge that every place has specific topograhpical qualities that indicate the identity which is present there.

By using this energy in the topograhical dates and at the same time taking into account the direct and more distant  environment,  this monumental art work  equally called  "Universidad Libre Las Colinas", was realized in the form of a transcendent reality. It is a manifesto of the free creative spirit, a concept of harmony of the living and the living Ideas. It is the perfection of the "Universidad Libre Las Colinas", in its essence and in its  embodiment. Through this work of art and in it, the universal Idea of the "Universidad Libre Las colinas" remains alive  by the creative  vibration of identities and  ownnesses in time and space, creator of alteration. Its meaning is transparency. The meaning of it is transcendency. The basis principle of it is the stability of the vibration. Thus arise in their nature the Encounters of the Hills in Las Colinas. The terrain is the support of the art work. The owner of the support  ordered the art work and  has the duty to keep it in good state and protect it.
The art work is dedicated to the aims determined by the author.

The scientific and juridical right to receive and offer education

The Idea, the investigation and the formulation, the encounters of the opposites and of those who reckognize each other as equals, in dialogue, extend themselves in all fields of scientific knowledge.
The philosophic knowlegde that orders all the existing and the elevated principles, bears the palm of the real science. The investigation and the education are the branches of one and the same tree,  they cannot live the one without the other. The investigation cannot live without the fresh air that comes from the education, the education cannot live without the stimulus of the active investigation. From this combination in the "Universidad Libre Las Colinas" arises  a magic power.



The Universidad Libre de Las Colinas is an open, neutral and international platform, however be the form or means by which it comes to expression. 
It rests in itself and always turns to its source, and not to the temporary structures, that necessarily settle around the central impulses. 

The plastic and spacial object "El Alto - Las Colinas" is not only living thanks to the grace of the spectator, but rather in the space of an action field of an ever varying and in-playing relation between vibrations of colour and matter, sound, man, ideas, open and closed spaces and other present vibrations.Out of this dynamic play arises the ownness of the forming force. It is not a structural development, but rather the accompaniment of a self-organising ownness and identity. 

Logos, the word, ideas, poetry, science, investigating -learning. The play of soul and nature, man growth, oneness, vanishing, creative, varyable in time and space, the endless murmur of the soul. 
Encounters of light, colour and space, sound, time and eternity of plants, animals, of the very small and the very large, of silence, of man and ideas, of motion and quietness, of loneliness and exitement. 
The rhythm of things, interactions of light and dark, cold and warm, hard and soft, open and closed spaces. Motion and rest, inside and outside, high and low, small and large, dry and wet, more and less, more of this one than of that one, left and right, more of that one than of this one, many people, few people, body and spirit, space, time and eternity. 
Between the opposites, that never meet each other, there is the greatest interaction.t

Here arises the - temporary and foruitious - dispersion of the Idea.
The Idea, in itself neutral, always turning to its eternal nucleus and at the same time creating alternation. 
The meaning of alternation is transparency. 
The meaning of transparency is transcendency, the basis of which is stability. 

"Ciudad del Hombre" aims to promote the quality of life and the encounters of ideas, expressed by "The Creation of the Free Will" and created by the essence of the encounters, which get any support, tangible or untangible, actually known or to be expressed in the future, belonging to any new category now and in the future, that possibly will be accessible to a great number of people.