The event Art-communicatoin is the prolongation of the Agora, founded in 1977 the centre of fundamental research founded on September 4, 1994 (museum Lasoberana), on July 2 of 2002, the Art day of the Earth Universe, in collaboration with R 2001 and the exbition in Villa Marco, Spain 2006.

At this moment we have the exhibition of the digital artworks of selected artists in our website (online exhibition). This will be the beginning of a permanent Communication Idea, in-playing on the planned centre of a centralized Art-studio and Museum Lasoberana. It will take form through different art-activities that will developp themselves, and at which all our artists will be invited to participate.

agora 1977

The artist Aguila devellopped a project for museum lasoberana, West Africa, a determined environment, making use of an innovative mingling of online en offline, the material and virtual world, arising from the ordened nature fromout a spiritual or a conceptual impulse (the events) and proposes concepts for an architecture that creates itself.

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      communication  through art

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