"The art, as we know it, since Ancient Egypt, after the great loss, had become the action of the will, no longer of (lost) creativity.  It became the conscious, sometimes unconscious, result of set effort, of an intensity and an authenticity that once governed the forces. There was always need for a difficult perseveration to put againthe past world of the forces in the form of an image, to represent them or to express them. It became the work of the belief of a humanity, an eternal and sublime, materialized supplication of a humanity that had lost the keys." 



"AGUILA is the founder, in the beginning of the seventies, of the "Multidimensional Transparent Art". 
His work has to be situated in the fields of the pictural arts, sculpture, architecture, industrial design, haute coûture, music instrument design, political sciences, philosophy, aeronautics and naval design. Aguila is the author of the monumental multidimensional oeuvre THE CREATION OF THE FREE WILL.  This contemporary artist, who makes of the art his instrument, brings his oeuvre to our artistic patrimonium for the benefit of all those who feel concerned with the artistic and social development and with the distribution of the cultural values. As the oeuvre of this artist is so diverse and different, as well on a pictural level as because of its contents, it can attract a large public and the artist has  sufficient capacity to maintain the interest of an art gallery only on behalf of his own work. The presented works are a large selection of his oeuvre, which, no doubt, will have its influence on the third millenium. I t is also an hommage to his professional value which allows us to initiate ourselves in the artistic  know-how of this artist."