It's up to you!

Indeed, because we think that you, men and women, are thus and act according to your own nature and by Jove, although not according to the laws invented by men.

To everyone from any country. All disciplines of research, art, scieces, technology.

MUSEUM LASOBERANA creates a horizontal global web of vertical ideas to everyone from any country, to all disciplines of research, art, science, technology or stream of ideas in a spirit of freedom in the material, spiritual, virtual world that procures us an important possibility of mobility and communication, to handle the new cultural esthetical breakline in society.

Musuem Lasoberana

a meltcup for creations, in a cycle, compounding itself from living realities of the verialbe and interactive opposites that recognize each other in all the worlds around us, as equals in a soseverign context.

This physical center is a unique and inspirational setting.

Creating an installation, a form of harmony, Museunm Lasoberana, in a virgin landscape in the variable time - space in an internal and external harmony in this social and sovereign context as a physical spot radiating for the future.
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If you are interested in participating, please let us know in what way you'd like to do so.
If you have any questions on any detail concerning this event, please send us an email

Ciudad del Hombre a.s.l.f., acting for the Museum of Lasoberana