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cuevas del rodeo, Rojales, Spain
Portugal 2005
Portugal algarve, Portugal
museum 2006, Rojales, Spain
maquette museum lasoberana 2007
maquette museum lasoberana 2008

The art that we know, of these times and of much earlier times, is meant as a sense perception art. Our judgment of art is perceptive, it consits of contemplations and projections of our subjective opinion and whishes. The creative power of the artist discharges in the art as a symbolic duality in order to depict reality. Yet probably all art strives not to depict the essence of being, but being itself, not to suggest depicting of light, but light itself.

Aguila, on the contrary, uses duality, from negative to positive, which discharges in the power of real being itself.

Due to the subtil, powerfull, balanced phenomenon in the physical paintings and the special matter he uses, arises a dynamic moment of balance between positive and negative forces. Although this is not experienced directly, it is possible to take it exactly into account and to obtain knowledge about this unexpressible power by interference. The acceptance of the opposites in an act of creation is realizing reality. Although easilty reckognizable, the capacity to master the opposites is one of the most difficult things to bring into practice and that is why the principle has been searched on thousand different ways.

One may think that this in an illusion but if we want to open our eyes to the beauty of the physical painting, we will discover, in the full emptineess of the beauty in the environment of the physical painting, in the emptiness of its susceptibility, the source of a dynamic fullness of coulours and form.

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