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 Taking  care and informing about contemporary fine arts, our common inheritance,  in dayly life
                                    2001 - 2007

   Ciudad del Hombre, a non profit foundation, stimulates the "quality of life" Thus this foundation fully supports the art work "The Creation fromout Free Will"m a living art work which moves multidimensionnally horizontally, in depth and hight, time and space  and which consists of a multitude of facets. The foundation can support certain parts of these facets, such as is the case of the social artistic event "artpoints", while all the different facets organise themselves and work totally independantly, in the spiritof this idea, the "Creation of the Free Will".


Invitation to the artists by Artpoints 2002

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the event ARTPOINTS
ARTPOINTS means a non profit event along the Spanish Costa Blanca. The activity consists mainly in organising three months lasting art exhibitions in public spaces (the ARTPOINTS) exposing the works of the participating artists during renewable periods of one year.

The philosophy of the event emphasises breaking the exclusivity and elitism of the art galleries (and the strongly determining art elite behind them) and showing good modern art in about 25 differen, specially selected public spaces along the Spanish Costa Blanca, where we can find on a limited aera a mostly varied international public. The aim of the event is bringing the art to the people, contrary to the falleries, where many people are not able to experience art due to the threashholf fear.

You can find more about our philosophy in our website, where you can continually scan the complete event.
As from this year 2006 (April-May) Artpoints is also going to edit an art catalogue in collaboration with the best companies of the Costa Blanca, in which the works of the participating artists have the main part. This catalogue will be  edited on 9'000 issues and freely spread on the most touristic places along the coast, in the artpoints of course and by the sponsoring companies,
Also thanks to the main sponsor we will be able to emphasize the vernissages, the press campains and promotion of the art on a big scale.

As mentionned before, you can find everything about us in our web and we hope that you will find there most of your questions answered.
Artpoings started five years ago from zero, with only one artpoint and a few art works.
We have by now wqorked with more than 45 artpoings and 50 artists, Today we have 23 artpoints and 27 artists, which isour aim (25 and 25)
Because Artpoints is mainly a social event and because we e always and exclusively try to obtain a subtil equilibrium between  the social aspect and a high quality (as well  as to the artpoints themselves as to the art to be seen) this event is never static but neither mentionned to get much bigger than it is, only in improving the quality. And it is in no way related to any commercial aim.

A few important points:
Except the yearly registration, is participation in this event free.
During the exhibitions, the qart works can be sold. If any of the works is bein sold, the artist get5s 70 % from the sales price determined by him/her, 
Artpoints doesn´t take any commission. 30 % of the eventually sold works is being donated by the artist as a contribution to the costs of the exhibitions.
The artist reamains the owner and the ultimately responsable for his art works until they are sold, this means that although we operate as an intermediary, the real seller of the work is always the artist himself.
The works are being sent to Spain (and back) on charge and under the responsability of the artist.

To collaborate, we ask from you the following:
12 works of medium size
the JPG images of all the works
the list of the names, technique, dimensions and price in euros of all the works
a curriculum of presentation of the artist
a photo in JPG of the artist
the signing of the Artpoints contract
Registration in Artpoints at 180 euro (one hundred and eighty) per year

We hope to have your interest.
If you have more questions of would like to gat more detailed information, don´t hesitate to send us an e-mail

We hope to hear from you very soon.
Yours faitfully,

With kindest regards,
Kai Engels

Artpoints has been started from zero by volunteers who want to bring the Art nearer to the people. This causes obviously a lot of costs, for things like transport, exhibition materials, lights, flyers, promotion, vernissages, etc. This is why we can use all kinds of financial support, as small as it may be.
If you, as an artlover, whish to support our organization, you can do so sending your donation to the following bankaccount:
ES 26 2090 0082 18 0000307893
You can also safely use paypal, by clicking on the button below.

For all donations from 100 Euros, you will receive a receipt for your tax declaration.
And remember, many small ones make a big ...